Sunday, July 13, 2008


I love that early hour of the morning when dawn first meets day. There's a lazy serenity in that first moment when the world slowly awakens out of its slumber to greet the start of a new day.

~vagabond~ © 2008

For other sunrise photos, check out this month's photo contest at


Alok said...

Thanks for dropping by in my blog and the comment :)

BTW, you too have some wonderful collection of photographs.

Cuckoo said...

Ahaa ! Alok is already here ! See that's the magic of this competition. We get to know so many likeminded people. :)

And your photo is so serene & beautiful especially the clouds position. You just wish now that not many people participate this time. :)

Thanks for participating. Wait for the results now.

frissko said...

This is a heavenly shot...nice..

~vagabond~ said...

@ alok: Thanks for dropping by here and leaving a comment. :)
@ cuckoo: Thanks. And love your competitions. They're always so much fun!
@ frissko: Thanks. I like yours better. :)

Diana said...

Sunset and sunrise are my favourite subjects in photography

~vagabond~ said...

@ Diana: Sunset is my favorite subject too. Sunrises are too much effort, but totally worth it if you do make it out of bed. :)