Friday, September 18, 2009

Mornings in Africa

I know. I know.

I haven’t posted anything on this blog in the longest time, and then return after months of unexplained silence with this highly photoshoped image. It goes against everything I believe in, and then again it doesn’t.

I know I once said I don’t photoshop and that every image on this website has been put up in the natural state in which it was taken – no tampering, no editing, no nothing. But in this one case, I’d like to make an exception. This photo comes out of my archives. It was taken long before I ever had an inkling of an interest in photography. Long before the world was introduced to digital cameras. Long before I even owned a camera I could call my own. Long before I ever decided to blog.

Over the past couple of months of my absence on this blog, I’ve grown increasingly nostalgic for home and unbearably homesick. And so when I finally end my silence on this blog, it’s only befitting that I would use a photograph taken years ago in Kenya to end the dry spell on this blog. I dug up my favorite memory of my favorite place in Kenya but unfortunately the film had grown old, the photograph turned grainy and I turned to photoshop to restore an old memory.

In the end, I remain true to what this blog represents – capturing moments that hold deep meaning to me.

PS. To read about the memory that lies behind this photo, click here.

~vagabond~ © 2009


Talking To My Soul said...

Welcome back. Good to see you and one of your pictures. You always were so good with the camera.

Now tell us some stories. Vivid ones,
I would say.


Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

lovely shot portraying your nostalgic memories:-) I liked the composition!!

Mosilager said...

Well we have a saying in Zambia... you can take the man out of the bush but never the bush out of the man. I'm very lucky that I call Zambia home and had a chance to live and work there after leaving. I know exactly what you mean about missing home.

bindu said...

welcome back! :)

~vagabond~ said...

Thank you! ...I was terrible with the camera back then. I didn't take as many photos as I should have, and now all I have is regret.

Thanks...glad you like it. :)

That saying goes for all of Africa. Even when you've left, you can never quite leave. I am so envious that you still get to see it's sunrises and sunsets every day.
PS. Your photoblog is makes me incredibly nostalgic for home.

~vagabond~ said...

@Bindu: Thanks! :)

Blu said...

A pleasure to read your blog again, rules are made to be broken once in a while.

Lovely image.

alok said...

better late than never and here I am, once again amazing composition. And, now I strongly believe you should increase the frequency of number of posts :)

Wish you a very Happy Deepavali!

~vagabond~ said...

@Blu: Nice to see you here again! :)

@Alok: A happy diwali to you too. And pot calling the kettle black...I will increase the frequency of my posts once you increase the frequency of yours. lol. :))

Mosilager said...

Thanks! I love being back home.

Rahi said...

To someone who awes at every well shot picture, this picture too has impressed me. The point is u have returned back to the blogosphere.