Thursday, November 6, 2008


Pumpkins palooza!
Nothing quite as much announces fall is in the air

~vagabond~ © 2008


alok said...

Pumpkins palooza! :) :)

alok said...

Hey, I forgot to ask, when can I expect the inaugural post on your travel bog ?

P.S: your photography fans are so waiting :)

~vagabond~ said...

^LOL. Soon, really soon. I've been meaning to write about my travels for myself for a while now before the memories fade, but I've just been really busy...even staying regular on this blog is at times difficult. But I really do want to start the other blog - more for myself than anything else. It's nice that you want to read it - i hope it wont be a disappointment.

~vagabond~ said...

Aha! You didnt really think I was meant it when I said "soon, really soon" did ya? Well, check it out...I've gone ahead and done it:

Now you can all just read yourselves into boredom and stop nagging me.